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#Woman Critical Interface


Interactive digital, electronic and physical audiovisual installation.


ESP32 microcontrollers

Raspberry Pi 4


Ultrasound sensor

Oled display

3D prints

LED matrix



CRT TV or projector

Dimensions variable.

#Woman Critical Interface is an interactive digital, electronic and physical interface based on real-time data input, that aims to critically reflect on the relationship between image, language and hypertext from a gender perspective.​ The interface functions as a critical tool, which subverts the current, instantaneous, and normative representation of "woman" on social media. Through this artwork, the way we generate and consume content on social media on a daily basis is being questioned.


The interface operates as a digital ecosystem that feeds on data extracted from real-time social media posts. The user experiences the original content reinterpreted in new formats through various acoustic and visual outputs of the interface. Additionally, the system reacts in real time to changes produced both in the physical and digital environment, which is reflected in the behavior of the interface.


#Woman Critical Interface is a practice-based artistic research on the creation of a feminist electronic and digital interface that should critically reflect on the new narratives articulated around the term “woman” in the virtual space of the Instagram social network.


This project is conceptualised as an artistic research project, which is why it is related to a body of theoretical background that we hope can be useful for further investigation on the interrelation of topics such as gender representations in the digital era, hypertextual narratives on social media or subversive readings via binary codes. At the same time #Woman Critical Interface has a tangible format of an artistic assemblage of physical and digital components, which was presented on various occasions in different formats and versions.

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