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Vending Machine presented at the listening session oídomedio: Esto es agua at the Museum of Contemporary Art MAC, Santiago de Chile, September 1, 2023. Photo credit: Josefa Concha.

Photo credit: Pablo Madariaga

In September 2023, Silvia Binda presented the sound art piece “Vending Machine“ within the cycle of listening sessions titled “oídomedio: Esto es agua“ at the Museum of Contemporary Art MAC in Santiago de Chile. This event was dedicated to proposing instances where the boundaries between sound, media, and perception are explored. Its aim is to promote reflective proposals regarding media, technological supports, and the auditory domain through acousmatic formats.


“Vending Machine“ is the title of the sound artwork which Silvia Binda produced in 2023 specifically for this listening session. The sound art piece is based on the exploration of the transformative process of sound within the realm of everyday experiences. Through the utilization of a self-constructed tool, a unique microphone created from an inductor connected to an audio cable, the objective is to transcend the apparent banality of daily interaction with an automated vending machine. By capturing the elusive electrical sound waves that permeate our environment and manifest in this ritual of human-machine interaction, the artist seeks to unveil the hidden sonic layers within our familiar surroundings. Through this exploration, the audience is invited to discover the ruptures and poetics in what may appear mundane, thereby challenging conventional perceptions and immersing themselves in a new comprehension of the sounds that surround us. 


“Vending Machine“ is an invitation to rethink our perception of acoustic reality, exploring the textures, rhythms, and hidden emotions within the ordinary. Through her sound art, Silvia aims to stimulate a heightened awareness of the omnipresent soundwaves that envelop us, facilitating a dialogue between the heard and the seemingly present.


More info at:

Vending Machine


Sound art


5-channel sound

Mastering engineer: 

Vladimir Bajnoci

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